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Bashar Hafez al-Assad 1] is the President of Syria, General Secretary of the Ba
ath Party and Regional Secretary of the party s branch in Syria. He has served as
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Bashar al-Assad -

Though he was thought to be part of an enlightened generation of Arab leaders,
Bashar al-Assad has exercised tyranny in Syria to sustain the rule of the minority
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Bashar Al Assad Is Laying a Deadly Ambush for ... - New Republic

Aug 26, 2014 ... The head of Syria s preeminent crime family—President Bashar Al Assad—waits,
crocodile-like, for the American angler to tumble out of the ... - Cached - Similar

ISIS and Syria: Why the U.S. Should Eliminate Bashar al Assad First ...

Sep 12, 2014 ... We Can t Destroy ISIS Without Destroying Bashar al Assad First ... The Islamic
State—just like its parent, Al Qaeda in Iraq—cannot be killed ... - Cached - Similar

Bashar al-Assad | World news | The Guardian

Don t go to Syria, says father of two British jihadis killed fighting Assad. Abubaker
... Coalition air strikes against Isis aid Bashar al-Assad, Syrian rebels claim. - Cached - Similar

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Personal website for President Bashar Al-Assad:interviews, speeches, pictures.
President Hafez Al-Assad , Mrs.Asma Al-Assd. - Cached - Similar

Obama cannot keep ignoring Bashar al-Assad - The Washington Post

Sep 28, 2014 ... Ignoring Bashar al-Assad s regime may lead to worse consequences. - Similar

I Was Gassed by Bashar al-Assad - Foreign Policy

Aug 21, 2014 ... I am a survivor of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad s chemical weapons attacks of
Aug. 21, 2013. One year ago today, my heart stopped for 30 ... - Cached - Similar

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Despite a lack of evidence, Israel says the Lebanese group is building tunnels to
prepare for any future war. Middle East Last updated: 29 Oct 2014 12:07 GMT ... - Cached - Similar

Inside Bashar Assad s torture chambers - Yahoo News

Oct 13, 2014 ... ... used to bring war-crimes charges against the regime of Syrian President
Bashar Assad. ... Al-Qaida: IS Should Rejoin Group And Fight West. - Cached - Similar
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